Searches have been taken up in Manhattan where Doug is thought to have returned. A Labor Day search involving family, friends, and private investigators resulted in probable identification of Doug by multiple witnesses in and around the Bellevue Hospital Center in Kips Bay. The witnesses are mostly homeless and take up temporary residence in the Bellevue Intake Center—a large homeless shelter in what was once the original Bellevue Hospital. Since then, this area and other areas in lower Manhattan have been staked out, so to speak, in the hopes that he’ll be spotted.

Flyers have been handed out and posted in this area and in Chelsea.


Please Help Us Find Doug

September 12, 2009

Doug Lanterman has been missing since March 13, 2009 when he disappeared from the East Stroudsburg, PA area after boarding the wrong commuter bus from Manhattan to Panther Valley, NJ. There were various sightings of him that weekend but ultimately he was unable to be found. It is now believed that he has found his way back to Manhattan and has found shelter within the city’s network of homeless shelters.We believe that the major contributing factor in Doug’s disappearance stems from a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a non-violent medical condition but one that can cause delusional symptoms.

Thankfully, there have been recent near-positive IDs made of Doug around Bellvue Hospital in Manhattan and we hope to find him soon. He is a friendly, outgoing, and approachable person who is often very talkative and his condition is non-violent. If you have any information that could help us find him please contact Doug’s father, Bruce Lanterman or send an email to

We appreciate and thank you for any help you can give in finding our son.